Time Magazine announced their Person of the Year issue earlier this week, with the honor going to the multiple women and men of the Me Too movement, calling them the Silence Breakers. Five women were chosen for the cover while dozens of men and women were interviewed for the cover story, but one voice that's been speaking out about abuse in Hollywood for decades was not included in Time Magazine. Corey Feldman started his Truth Campaign right at the same time as Harvey Weinstein's scandal was beginning to break and the former child actor has been devoting all of his time to bring attention to an underground Hollywood pedophile ring that has abused young actors since at least the 1980s. So why was Feldman left out of the story, he's been breaking the silence for decades.

The Person of the Year issue made big headlines earlier this week and just a quick glance through the comments section of any given site has a common thread running through it, which is Corey Feldman. Thankfully, many of Feldman's fans are on his side, advocating for the actor on social media and in the comments sections of the relevant articles. The news dropped on the very same day that the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department unearthed the audio testimony where Feldman named his abusers back in 1993, a tape that they recently claimed did not even exist. To add an extra kick to the gut, Santa Barbara police department as well as the Los Angeles police department are refusing to share the tape's contents.

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Yahoo News posted a story about the Time Magazine Person of the Year issue honoring the Me Too movement and the comments section is full of people asking about the absence of Corey Feldman. One concerned fan wrote, "Corey Feldman tried to break the silence years ago. No recognition for him though..." While another person really hit the nail on the head, mentioning Ronan Farrow as well. Farrow is the writer who spent the better part of 2 years trying to bring Harvey Weinstein down when no news outlets would publish his story. She had this to say.

"The "honor" should go to Ronan Farrow and Corey Feldman. Farrow has been doing research and advocate work for over a decade... Feldman has been a child abuse advocate for decades, and was shunned for it, yet he never remained silent."

Dr. D. Bell took to Twitter to share his frustration over Corey Feldman not being interviewed for the Time Person of the Year article. Bell said, "Time magazine person of the year! Corey Feldman." Another fan chimed in saying, "It is BS Corey is not on the cover he tried to warn people years ago. It sucks people went deaf at that time." And that's exactly the point. Corey Feldman was doing this before it was in fashion to do so. Feldman has been called a liar and has been threatened for admitting to being sexually abused as a child. That's not to take anything away from the Me Too movement, but it seems awfully convenient that Feldman wasn't "cool" enough to make the cut.

Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign is still collecting donations to help the actor continue to safely tell his side of the story. A quick mention of his name by Time Magazine could have been a big bump for bringing awareness to child abuse in a worldwide way in addition to the Me Too movement. Whatever the case may be, Feldman is undeterred and soldiers on with the help of his fans and supporters and the Truth Campaign is still going strong, trying to bring awareness about child abuse in Hollywood. Check out a sample of the people on social media standing with Corey Feldman and his child abuse advocacy below, courtesy of Christine Kerrick's Twitter account.