Corey Feldman was making some huge progress in terms of his Truth campaign. The actor announced earlier this week that he had spoken with the LAPD, which the police department confirmed and revealed that they were opening up an investigation. But now E! Entertainment is reporting that the LAPD have dropped their investigation after only a few short days. As it turns out, which many had already guessed, it's because the statute of limitations has expired. An LAPD spokesperson said, "The alleged accordance is out of statue and Robbery/Homicide have no avenues to pursue the case." Undeterred, Corey Feldman took to Twitter to announce that this will not hurt his Truth Campaign.

Many already speculated that Corey Feldman's LAPD investigation would not get very far due to how old the claims were and it seems that Feldman only went to the police department from public pressure to do so. Feldman took to Twitter to say this.

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"Maybe now u will #believe me when I say I need 2 do it my way: LAPD Not Investigating Corey Feldman's Abuse Claims."

Feldman sat down with the LAPD earlier this week and told them everything that he knows about his abusers and his timeline, calling the bluff on his detractors. After Corey Feldman revealed that he had told everything that he knows, he tweeted out asking his fans to pray for his safety. Corey Feldman recently sat down with HLN's Carol Costello to discuss coming forward to the Los Angeles Police Department with accusations of abuse. In the segment, Feldman seems nervous and claims that he is fearful for his life. He explains.

"I'd love to give you something juicy, but my nerves are shot. I'm living in fear, not a good place to be."

Feldman said that while he's named names to the police, there is one high-profile name he has not gone public with and that's the person he fears. Feldman said he gave the police information on that individual, though he was not victimized by him.

"He didn't abuse me, so it's a very tricky situation. I have information about it, but he didn't abuse me."

Many speculate that Corey Feldman is referring to Charlie Sheen. Feldman has yet to say the actor's name publicly, but he has cryptically talked about how this certain actor has thrown death threats to his enemies as well as throwing money to silence witnesses. Feldman also made it clear this week that the LAPD investigation had nothing to do with Corey Haim, as he was not there to witness the incidents. The LAPD investigation was solely looking into Feldman's abusers. Earlier in the week, the National Enquirer ran a story with sources that claim that Charlie Sheen molested Corey Haim on the set of Lucas, which is an incident that Feldman wrote about in his book without naming any names. Court documents during the divorce between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards mention fetishes involving younger people and death threats.

Charlie Sheen's ex-fiancee Brett Rossi (who also claims to have gotten death threats from the actor) says that Sheen will see zero consequences for his actions because "he never does." Rossi went on to discuss the allegations that Sheen is facing with TMZ, stating that the actor has "ruined a lot of lives and that he gets to live on with his life and not suffer any of the repercussions of his actions." When pressed by TMZ, if she "believed" the allegations, Rossi had this to say.

"I mean if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it possibly could be a duck."

As it stands, Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars and is gaining more supporters every day. Feldman will be appearing on the Doctor Oz show next week to further discuss his abusers and experiences. In the meantime, you can read more about the LAPD stopping their investigation below, courtesy of Corey Feldman's Twitter account.