Earlier in the week, actor/musician Corey Feldman revealed that he had been the victim of what he calls an attempted homicide, when he was stabbed by an unidentified man. Police reports say that there were no signs of a stabbing, but it's clear in recently released video that the police are taking pictures of a small puncture wound, which Feldman now says was either from the tip of a knife or a syringe. Could the actor have been injected with some type of slow acting poison?

Initial reports released were sketchy at best, with Corey Feldman claiming that he had been stabbed while sitting at a stop light. The LAPD reported that they did not see a stab wound, which immediately sent the internet into a frenzy, with many alleging that Feldman was making this up as a publicity stunt. The actor claims that it could have been road rage or an attempted homicide by a Hollywood "wolfpack" who are sending him a message to be quiet about the underground pedophile ring that he's been threatening to expose for years. Adding to the disbelief is that Feldman was unable to give a proper description of his assailant. He later claimed that the man was a "short guy, bald head, Mexican fellow', and continued by stating that another man had come to the window to confront Feldman's bodyguard, described as a "very big, brooding, bald-headed" who is 6-foot-4 man. He told the assailant to return to his own car, warning, "Don't approach our car." Feldman goes onto say this in a more detailed account of what actually transpired.

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"All of a sudden, somebody gets out of the passenger's side when they're right next to me, he comes over, I lock my door and the door is locked. He goes to pull the handle, it doesn't work. And then all of a sudden, I don't know what he did, but he pulls it again with extra strength and the door flies open and he just lunges in. He's got a weapon in his hand, he stabs at me one time. He got one stab in, that was it. And it was a very small punctuation. It was like a dot. It was bleeding, but it was like a dot. So I don't know if he just got me with just the tip of the knife, or if he got me with a syringe. That's the part we don't know."

In a new account, home from the hospital, Corey Feldman believes that he was stabbed with the tip of a knife or possibly a syringe. At the hospital, Feldman went through multiple tests for poisoning and he came back with a clean bill of health. But, what about a slow acting poison that isn't traceable? Dimethyl mercury is extremely potent and untraceable. Plus, it's extremely slow acting. Even a tiny bit could kill a man when symptoms of the poisoning arise after months of the initial exposure.

Another possibility of a slow acting poison that is undetectable at first is Polonium. The radioactive poison is a slow killer with no cure. One tiny gram of vaporized polonium can kill in just a couple of months. One of the best-known uses of Polonium was the poisoning of x-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006. Though he wasn't injected with the poison, he was given a very large dose in a tea cup that slowly killed him in a very painful way. Corey went onto say this about the attack a day after it happened.

"[It was] very odd that a group of Mexican guys would pull over a car, go as far as opening a door and stabbing the person inside because generally, if they're gonna do that kind of aggressive move, they're gonna ask for a wallet or your car keys ... This guy just got back in his car and left."

Corey Feldman's story may seem flimsy, but someone who has just been attacked probably doesn't have their mind in the right place. There are some pretty wild conspiracy theories going around, which you can look up on your own, but it is entirely possible that Feldman could have been poisoned with something instead of the bloody knife stabbing that everyone first envisioned. A poison attack from a Hollywood "wolfpack" to silence Feldman may have been what happened. Or, as he states, it could've been road rage. You can check out Corey's blow-by-blow account of the attack via TMZ along with a video of the LAPD taking pictures of his wound in the hospital. In there initial report, the LAPD claimed there was no puncture wound or scratches that would normally occur under such an attack.