Corey Feldman continues to receive harassment in the lead up to releasing his provocative new documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys, which promises to expose prominent pedophiles still working in Hollywood. Last night, Feldman found a suspicious package on his doorstep, which led him to contact law enforcement.

While the actor/musician has been getting a lot of positive attention over the past several weeks, he has also been dealing with online harassment, along with threats to end his life. Feldman currently has a pretty extensive security team in place to protect his family, and is surrounded by armed guards 24/7. But not even they can prevent people from leaving packages at his personal residence. So whoever this is obviously knows Corey and where he lives.

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Corey Feldman came home last night to find what appears to be a book or calendar on wolf packs. While this may look like a strange thing to leave on Feldman's doorstep, it's actually an alleged threat. The actor has been talking about the "Hollywood wolfpack" for the past two years, who he believes are out to silence him. They are reportedly trying to protect the Hollywood pedophilia ring that Feldman aims to expose in (my) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys. They are also allegedly behind the stabbing attack Feldman went through in 2018. And Feldman alleges that these same people may be responsible for trying to run him down in a big truck.

Police were called to the scene after Feldman found the package, and Corey quickly posted a photo of them taking his report, along with the wolf pack paraphernalia, to record and document the incident, proving that he's not just making things up for attention four days away from his live streaming premiere.

Feldman wanted to post everything on social media as quick as possible, in case something happens to him or his family. As for anyone wondering about the actor's security, he confirmed in his post that he does have camera surveillance. The police more than likely have that footage now and are investigating who left the threatening package for Feldman. Hopefully it was just someone playing a sick joke.

For years, it has been alluded to that Corey Haim's mother Judy is the ring leader of this so-called Wolf Pack. She has gone on the record to say this is obviously not true, though some reports have made her out to look like the Kingpin of an underground Hollywood gangster operation out to quiet Feldman. Asked directly about her role in the Wolf Pack, Judy Haim says this.

'This is so weird and bizarre. There is no wolf pack. For me to be the head of a gang, or a cult, is mind blowing. I have no words. My friends laugh at me, but they're going, 'Don't take this too hard.' Are you kidding me?"

Judy Haim currently lives in Canada, and claims to have zero ties to anyone in Hollywood that might want to do Corey Feldman any harm. She has stated that she wasn't asked to be a part of Corey Feldman's (my) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys. She says she doesn't want any part of the movie, and doesn't believe that Feldman is about to expose anyone who ever had any contact with her son. She insists that Dominick Brascia is the only person who ever sexually abused Corey Haim, and doesn't waiver from that. Dominick Brascia was never proven guilty, but he allegedly confessed to sexual misconduct against Haim before his passing in 2018.

Brascia is the whistler blower who outed Charlie Sheen to the National Inquirer as the person who allegedly raped Corey Haim on the set of Lucas. That has never been proven, and Charlie Sheen has denied all charges. Dominick Brascia was found dead roughly a year after making the Charlie Sheen claims. He was 62 at the time of death, and no one really seems to know how he died. His former employers said he died from natural causes at a young age. It isn't clear yet how much of Judy Haim's story will be examined in Feldman's documentary.

Wendy Williams welcomed Corey Feldman on her show earlier this week and commented about how big his security entourage is. She also applauded his efforts to get (my) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys out after all of this time. Dr. Oz is also on Feldman's side after watching an early cut with the actor. Oz confirmed that Feldman kept his promise to Corey Haim by naming the man who raped him. Oz also states that Feldman is going to be in some deep controversy after the movie premieres next Monday.

(my) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys is all set to premiere on March 9th at 8 pm Pacific and 11 pm Eastern. While Corey Feldman was only going to do one screening, he decided to give international viewers a better chance to watch the documentary by announcing an encore screening on March 10th at 12 pm Pacific. Most of Europe will be able to tune in at 8 pm to see the movie. Tickets are currently on sale for $20 over at, so head over there to pick one up if you have yet to do so. As for anyone trying to tamper with Feldman's website when the premiere begins streaming, he doubts it will be possible. You can check out the package left on the doorstep below, thanks to Corey Feldman's Twitter account.