Corey Feldman is continuing to crusade against the Hollywood Pedophile Ring that he hopes to bring down in his upcoming Truth movie. His initial plan was to have people donate $10 million to his cause, so he could produce and distribute the movie himself, revealing the names of those who allegedly molested him as a child. In the weeks since announcing this project, he has already confirmed the names of two men who, he claims, sexually molested him as a young actor in Hollywood. Now, he has confirmed a third name.

Feldman made a return appearance on Dr. Oz, where he shared the name of this third man who took advantage of him starting at the age of 12. The reason Corey is naming him now is that the man has already been outed in the press. He is Alphy Hoffman, who used to run a series of Soda Pop parties back in the 80s.

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Hoffman owned this particular Soda Pop club, which pulled in the likes of Drew Barrymore, Ricky Schroder and Alyssa Milano. It was successful from 1986 to 1989, and was often sponsored by New York Seltzer. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman often hung out at the club, and were photographed there quite frequently.

In his October interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, Feldman hinted that Hoffman was one of his abusers without outright naming him. During the Dr. Oz appearance, Oz asked Feldman if Hoffman was one of the men Corey had recently reported to the LAPD as part of their investigation, which stopped shortly after Charlie Sheen was named as Corey Haim's rapist. Feldman confirmed this was true. He went onto describe what transpired between him and Alphy.

"Well he was the guy who ran Alphy's Soda Pop Club, and, uh, I met him when I was 12 years old. He came to my house to pick me up in his car, and I had heard rumors that he threw the coolest parties in town and he was very connected. When you got an invite to go to Bobby Hoffman's private party, this was a very big thing. And the fact that his son was coming to pick me up himself, was also a very big thing, and my mom ushered me into the car and said 'go have fun'. You know, the first few times I went it was fairly innocent. Those parties were relatively kid friendly but interestingly that's where I met the guy that ended up molesting Haim...There was a bunch of these guys, they were all hanging out together at these parties, and the thing is there weren't a lot of parents at these parties."

It was revealed that Alphy Hoffman was the son of Bobby Hoffman, a major casting director in Hollywood who died in 1993. Feldman later recalled some of the things Hoffman did to him as an underaged actor working in Hollywood, and compared it to some of the instances he experienced with another man he recently named, actor Jon Grissom. The other man so far named is talent manager Marty Weiss, who was first outed in Corey Feldman's book Coreyography. It sounds like things took a pretty dark turn between Feldman and Hoffman earlier in their relationship.

"One night I was over there and we were watching a movie and I passed out while I was watching the movie, and when I woke up there was a porn on again. And I was like 'Man, I'm really tired.'... I remember I could barely walk. I don't know what I was given at that time, but I know that I was really out of it. And we went to the bedroom, and I was kind of passing in and out of it, and then it was like he started doing the same things to me that Jon [Grissom] had done... I kind of woke up in the middle of it, and I freaked out... I kind of threw him off me and I ran home."

Corey Haim never outed Alphy Hoffman as a sexual predator. But in a 2012 Vice interview before his death, Haim certainly didn't have anything nice to say about the guy, or his experiences with this so-called Soda Pop Club, which will now forever have a tainted ring to it.

"I don't think he was a good person at all... as far as Alphy goes, well, I'm not going to say it now, because people do change. I went through my time, too. I lost complete respect for Alphy Hoffman. Alphy sucks! Point-f-king-blank. He's a piece of s--t! A user. He had all of us and thought he was the s-t."

Corey Feldman refused to acknowledge whether or not Corey Haim was also abused by Alphy Hoffman. Feldman has agreed not to talk about Haim's personal experiences in these types of interviews, promising Haim's mom Judy that he will keep Haim out of his crusade for the most part. Despite Judy not staying true to her words and treating Feldman like garbage during her appearances on various TV morning show and other interview platforms, not to mention disparaging Feldman outright on the official Corey Haim website.

All of the Twitter and Instagram pages that once belonged to a man named Alphy Hoffman have since vanished, and his Facebook page has gone private. Promotional photos and a poster featuring Corey Feldman used to be featured on the Facebook page. Bobby Hoffman's current casting website lists Alphy as a casting director and casting associate. Though, the last project listed is from 2001.

Bobby Hoffman was a casting director for some big shows in the 70s and 80s including Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley. It is believed that Alphy Hoffman was working for the Los Angeles Dodgers, still at the time of Feldman's first Today show interview, during the World Championship.That was one of the hints that Feldman dropped. Recounting his experiences with Hoffman on Dr. Oz, the actor and musician could only shudder in terror when he said this.

"They're treating it like, you know, I am being passed back and forth or something... And I just remember being terrified."

There are still several individuals that Corey Feldman hasn't named in all of this. And it's unclear if he will or not. This latest story comes from Fox News as first reported by Dr. Oz. Feldman's IndieGoGo page has raised $237,182, from 5309 backers.

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