Corey Feldman recently wrapped filming on the upcoming third installment of the popular Frog Brothers' franchise Lost Boys 3: The Thirst. After a somewhat tumultuous year for the popular actor, our favorite genre icon has finally returned from South Africa, were filming took place. He is refreshed and ready to take on a whole slew of new projects in 2010. On his personal blog The Feldman Journal, Feldman revealed a little bit about his experience with this latest incarnation of Edgar Frog.

Feldman stated:

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Wait until you see LB3! Then you will know the depths that my art has mirrored my personal strife and how they resurface as one. In Lost Boys 3: The Thirst, Edgar Frog emerges as a lone soldier fighting all of the evils of the world with a massive chip on his shoulder and all of the odds against him. I embraced this character with body and soul and brought a human side to the Frog character that no one would ever see coming. I am proud of the work I have done and I believe you will be too. I will tell you more about Lost Boys 3: The Thirst in the next entry of this blog. For now I just wanted to reintroduce myself to you, to say thank you as always for your much-needed support, and to assure you that your faith in the underdog was once again not misguided. In the end you can bank on me to always end up back on my feet no matter what! Even if they cut them off!"

Is this foreshadowing that Edgar Frog gets his feet cut off? God, lets hope not. I personally want more Frog Brothers movies, and I don't want to see Feldman hobbling through Part 4. We will keep you updated on Lost Boys 3: The Thirst as more news comes in. At this time, the film does not have a set release date.