Last week, a lot of us got to hang out and chat with Corey Feldman about his upcoming sequel The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. While our exclusive interview is under embargo until further notice, we are able to share a bit about the possible second sequel which was leaked earlier today on MTV Movie Blogs. During their recent premier of the trailer, Feldman laid out what he'd like to see for a finale.

While no script has been written yet, Feldman states "The stage is set. It's really up to you, the viewer, and you, the audience, to see that final chapter comes into fruition...Personally the way I would like to see it go, I would like to see Edgar finally become a vampire himself and have to battle his own inner demons. That's where it should go in my mind."

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Feldman continued, saying, "I think that part of the magic for the whole trilogy would be seeing those characters that you trust, that you love, turning to the dark side and figuring out if they could make their way back. For the guy who's out there defending truth, justice, and the American way to be confronted with his own demons, and actually have to go down the path of the dark side - will he make it out? Or has he gone down so far that once he's turned, there's no hope, light? Who can save him? I mean, once Edgar Frog's turned, anything's possible."

If he had to die, who would stake him? "You never know. Maybe his brother would have to do it for him - maybe Sam [Corey Haim]."

Stay tuned for more The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe news in the near future.