2017 has been a major year for change. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, many in Hollywood came forward to expose sexual abusers in the business. Corey Feldman, star of The Goonies and current musician, has been leading the charge against Hollywood pedophiles. Now, he's made another major step to make change, as he's partnered with Child USA to fight sexual abuse in this country. Here's what he had to say about the partnership in a statement.

"I am beyond honored to lend my voice to an organization that is so closely aligned with my cause. Marci has been a strong voice and leading advocate for change even longer than I have and I have spent most of my life working towards this change. I know that by joining forces, we can and will accomplish endless victories in the name of innocence lost. It is my pleasure to donate both financially as well as my time and efforts in order to do whatever it takes to stop the abuse and preserve innocence!
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Corey Feldman will serve as National Ambassador for Child USA, one of the nation's leading non-profits dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse and neglect. Feldman will work with Child USA to raise awareness nationwide regarding current state statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse crimes that protect predators and prevent justice, and will support the organization's efforts in New York to pass the Child Victims Act. Marci Hamilton, founder and CEO of Child USA, had this to say about the partnership.

"Corey was failed by the justice system, but he is helping change the world through the courage to tell his story. Corey has inspired and comforted countless survivors of sexual abuse, and now will be using his megaphone to change child sexual abuse laws state-by-state. CHILD USA could not be prouder to name Corey as our national ambassador, and we look forward to working together to hold sexual predators accountable for their crimes."

His IndieGoGo page has raised more than $230,000, from more than 5300 backers. Some of that money will be donated to Child USA to help their cause. Though Corey Feldman has named some of his abusers, such as Alphy Hoffman, there are still names he's yet to reveal.

Corey Feldman has been speaking out on the topic of sexual abuse for years and, given what's going on in Hollywood right now, he's recently received quite a bit of attention, trying to raise awareness of these issues. His book Coreyography paved the way, but recent interviews he's done, in addition to releasing tapes that name several sexual abusers, have really shown his commitment to the cause. This year, his Truth Campaign was launched in an effort to finally get justice and show the world firsthand the horrors that he and so many others have endured. Corey Feldman, love or hate him, is trying to make positive change. Take a look at what he had to say below, via Corey Feldman Twitter.