When the 83rd Annual Academy Awards ran its In Memoriam Segment last month, it left out quite a few artists in the filmmaking community who had passed in the last year. But fans seemed most concerned about the exclusion of former-teen star Corey Haim, who had also recently been left out of the Screen Actors Guild Awards In Memoriam montage.

Today, best friend and longtime screen partner Corey Feldman finally decided to speak out on Haim's glaring absence a day after the anniversary of his death. Always positive, Feldman is happy that Corey Haim's fans spoke so heavily about the actor's omission by the Academy.

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Here is what Corey Feldman had to say.

"I just want to say how much I love each and every one of his/our fans who have been so AMAZING, LOVING and SUPPORTIVE during this very hard time. I have read so many letters, notes, blogs, and comments, with some of the most amazingly loving passages of hope and inspiration. Corey would be so proud and overwhelmed with joy to know how many people truly loved him. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for keeping his dream alive. As many of you know I was shocked and dismayed that Corey was left out of the SAG tribute. I was even more insulted and angry when he was ignored by the Academy. However I must say that the reaction it caused from you the fans may have well made it worth it. You were so insulted and you were so angry, that you took it amongst yourselves to speak out! As a result I think there was more press about Corey Haim over the last two weeks than there has been since he died. So with that fact, the point has been made. The pompous board members who chose to overlook his legacy and thought they could sweep his memory, or significance in the film industry under the carpet, were trumped by the voice of the public who screamed his name in praise.

He inspired millions, he delivered some of the most incredible performances a child actor has ever delivered, he gave people hope, he gave people someone to root for, he spent his entire life trying to entertain you, he loved many too many, he never gave up no matter what stood in his way, he always believed in the future, he cared deeply for those he cared for,he stood up to those he didn't, he was the funniest person I ever met, he never intentionally harmed another human being, he questioned everything, he shared whatever he had to give."

Corey Feldman also shared a very heartfelt story about the last time he saw his friend Corey Haim. To read more, CLICK HERE