The Los Angeles police department has revealed they are investigating Corey Feldman for sexual battery after a woman came forward and reported an incident from early 2017. Feldman has taken to social media to deny the "egregious accusations" that have been charged against him. Feldman has been in the press a lot over the last handful of months while he tried to launch his Truth Campaign in an effort to shed light on an alleged Hollywood pedophile ring. The former child actor has maintained over the years that he and best friend Corey Haim were both abused my older men when they first got into show business.

Page Six has obtained information from the charges that have been brought against Corey Feldman and since they happened in 2017, they fall under the statute of limitations to be investigated. The accusations were made public on Wednesday. According to Page Six, the LAPD had this to say.

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"On Jan. 8 of this year we had a female victim who filed a police report of sexual battery and the suspect is named as Corey Feldman. The incident occurred on February 4, 2017. (The) robbery/homicide division is handling the investigation."

The LAPD did not release any further information regarding the matter, but another report surfaced that stated that the charges were made earlier in the week. A woman claims that 46-year old Corey Feldman grabbed her butt in February of 2017.

A representative for Corey Feldman released an official statement on the matter. According to the statement, Feldman "vehemently denies these egregious accusations." The statement went further by saying that it stands against everything that Feldman stands for. Corey Feldman has been on a crusade to bring awareness to child abuse and has not seen much support from the Hollywood community while the Me Too and Time's Up movements have flourished.

Corey Feldman also took to Twitter to talk about the charges in three tweets that continue to deny the accusations. Instead, Feldman argues that this has been a long time coming due to his crusade while also talking about having to back out of some recent tour dates. He had this to say.

"Friends, fans, & #feldfam we knew this was coming: As U all know we have been warned of threats of attacks from a few of the former "angels" from my band since I had 2 cancel my tour unexpectedly. As U also know my primary mission is 2 fight against sexual abuse of people of all ages."

It isn't clear if the sexual battery charges were made by a former member of Corey Feldman's band, but he seems to be insinuating that this may be the case. We'll have to wait for more information about the case to be made public to know for sure.

The Truth Campaign recently failed to meet its goal even after Corey Feldman lowered it to a more manageable number. However, fans and supporters of the actor have setup a GoFundMe in an attempt to help Feldman properly tell his story while bringing awareness to child abuse in the way that he believes it should be told. You can read more about the accusations of sexual battery against Corey Feldman via Page Six.