It was reported earlier this week that The Lost Boys 3 script was currently being written, and that Corey Feldman was returning as a producer. The story is said to revolve completely around Feldman's character Edgar Frog. And that Corey Haim would most likely not return. Well, Feldman has responded to these rumors today via his own personal blog. Here is what the actor had to say:

Lost Boys: The Thirst? Is it real? There have been a myriad of reports over the last 24 hrs suddenly surrounding the supposed production of LB3. Some of them are true some of them aren't. As this is all in a very early stage, for now all I can tell you is this...YES I have made a deal with Warner Brothers /Warner Premier to executive produce and act in Lost Boys 3, and yes they have made a deal with a writer to write a script for such a movie. BUT those are the only details that I can confirm at this time. There has been much speculation as to what characters will be involved and what the story line might be, and all I can say is I haven't even seen a script yet. So I most definitely cannot confirm or deny any facts as they don't exist yet to the best of my knowledge. Again this is in the very early stages and I am not even sure how this got leaked to the press. If and when there are some actual details I will be sure to let you know.
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There you have it, straight from Feldman's mouth. At this time, The Lost Boys 3 does not have a set start date.