Aspiring musician and former child actor Corey Feldman is quickly becoming the Charlie Brown of the entertainment world. After a disastrous first appearance on the Today show last month, which quickly went viral, he attempted to redeem himself with another song and dance number. But instead, he has found himself in a bit of hot water for dropping the American flag.

This may sound odd, especially after the whole kneeling during the National Anthem ruckus. But it's Corey Feldman, so of course some folks are going to make a stink. Feldman appears to be the new target in a social justice society that can't bring themselves to make fun of Ken Bone, but instead must celebrate him like an American hero.

But Corey Feldman is not the devil. And his second performance on Today was meant to inspire Americans. Instead, he angered a few by dropping the American flag on the ground just as he started to show off his new dance moves while singing the song 'Take a Stand'. Overall, the performance was quite inspirational, and continues to show that Feldman is unique in his own quaint way.

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Corey Feldman appeared for a second time on The Today Show yesterday morning, once again arriving with his Angels in tow. Only this time, he wasn't dressed like the grim reaper. He ditched his black hooded ensemble for a more angelic gold and white get-up. Midway through his performance, he pulled a small American flag off the drummer's stage and started to wave it in the air. Then he threw it on the ground before showing the peace sign and busting a move.

Today host Tamron Hall was quick to retrieve the small American flag off the ground just seconds after the performance was over. But the damage was done. In seconds, viewers were allover social media chastising Corey Feldman, star of such 80s hits as The Lost Boys, Goonies, Gremlins and Stand By Me, for doing such an unpatriotic thing. The actor issued this apology to People.

"We were excited and grateful to be asked to return to the Today show, but there wasn't much time to prepare. We scrambled to find an American flag to use as a patriotic symbol at the last minute and with no rehearsal. Once I was on stage, my brain reverted to my choreography, which was to throw my hands up in the air with a peace sign. As a dancer, my instinct is to drop anything in my hands. In that live moment, it came off as wrong and for that I'm deeply sorry. It was the exact opposite of my intention."

All things considered, it wasn't the worst thing he could have done. Especially in light of what is currently going on the world. You can watch his performance here, alongside Corey's Angels and decide for yourself if this is something everyone should get worked up over. Or if this is just another instance of picking on the icon that is Corey Feldman (by the way, when did Kristen Wiig start playing drums for the Corey's Angels band?)

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange