Corey Feldman's list of supporters continues to grow as he vows to uncover a Hollywood pedophile ring. The Goonies co-star Sean Astin took to Twitter earlier this week to share his support for Feldman's cause. Actresses Asia Argento and Selma Blair have also come out to support Corey Feldman on social media, using the hashtag: #ISTANDWITHCOREY, which has started to spread like wildfire after Corey Feldman's appearances on television over the past week. The news comes after Feldman appeared on the Doctor Oz show to promote his Truth Campaign.

Corey Feldman appeared on the Doctor Oz show earlier this week to promote his Truth Campaign and ended up calling the Los Angeles police department in a segment on the show to report the men that had sexually abused him and others when he was a child actor. In addition, Feldman revealed that actor Jon Grissom, who starred with Feldman and Corey Haim in 1988's License to Drive and 1989's Dream a Little Dream, was one of the men that abused him. Grissom is a convicted sex offender and has spent time in jail for his actions. Grissom is currently in violation of the law for not registering as a sex offender and law enforcement will more than likely be seeking him out shortly.

It was Corey Feldman's courageous appearance on the Doctor Oz show that prompted Goonies costar Sean Astin to speak out and share his support for the Truth Campaign. Astin had this to say.

"I'm really happy to see Doctor Oz helping my dear friend Corey Feldman pursue justice with authorities. I admire his effort to help others."

After Astin showed support, Asia Argento, Selma Blair, and George Takei all vowed to stand with Feldman and his Truth Campaign. Selma Blair just recently shared her own experiences about Hollywood sexual abuse in an effort to raise awareness.

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In lighter news, Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, and fellow Goonies costar Jonathon Ke Quan were recently spotted out having dinner together, where the conversation turned to the possibility of a Goonies 2. While Feldman has openly said that he thinks that it will never happen, Astin believes that there's a chance for a sequel in some capacity. Astin thinks that the idea of an animated series would probably work best and has already even offered up his voice acting skills if the Goonies animated series ever gets off of the ground.

Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign has raised nearly $200,000 dollars thus far and still has 2 more months to hit his goal of $10 million dollars. While Feldman still has a long way to go on the money aspect, he has already helped to bring an awareness to a topic that many have not wanted to talk about publicly. And it is for that fact alone, that Corey Feldman should be applauded. You can check out some supporters of Corey Feldman below, courtesy of Sean Astin's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick