Corey Feldman has finished his Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys documentary. However, he is having a hard time finding someone to distribute it. Netflix is reportedly too "scared" to show it, according to Feldman. The actor has been crusading for children's rights in Hollywood for much of his career and has threatened to uncover a huge Hollywood pedophile ring for years. Now, he says he's got everything lined up, but needs some help getting it released.

When the #MeToo movement started to gain steam, Corey Feldman had already been telling those types of stories for years. After all of these allegations against powerful men in Hollywood started to come out, many realized that Feldman had been right about a lot of it. This led Feldman down to some dark times as he prepared to name names about his own abuser and the late Corey Haim's. Feldman had this to say when asked about finally putting out the Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys documentary.

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"I had to do this because I'm making a documentary that is the most important work that I've ever done, which is chronicling the abuse, the sexual abuse... of children in the industry."

In a new interview, Corey Feldman talked about his father's personal assistant Cloyed John Grislim. Allegedly, Grislim gave Feldman "every drug" there is and molested him. Grislim would get the young actor high on drugs and then abuse him sexually. As for Corey Haim, he told Feldman who his abuser was and that he was very powerful in the industry. "That person is still powerful and still in this industry and still around, and needs to be exposed," says Feldman. When pushed about the man in question, Feldman would not go any further. He goes onto give a good arguement for why he won't simply name the accuser, and why the docuemnatry is needed to sure ensure his own safety.

Corey Haim's abuser is apparently still a very famous person in the entertainment industry. Corey Feldman would not reveal what line of work this person is in out of fear of his own life. He does say that Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys reveals the name and has all of the evidence to back it up, but the movie needs to come out first in order to have all of the evidence presented. This would make it to where Feldman is protected, at least according to him. "I'm doing this so Corey can finally Rest In Peace," says Feldman.

Corey Feldman also said that the Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys documentary was shut down at various points in time by "guilty people," who don't want their covers to be blown. Whatever the case may be, Feldman is ready to move forward and continues to advocate for children in the entertainment industry. Feldman has helped to change the Child Victims Act in New York, which occurred last year, and is one of the reasons why R. Kelly and Jeffrey Epstein were indicted in New York State. The interview with Corey Feldman was provided by The Jim and Sam Show YouTube channel.