The biggest /goonies-2-happening-with-entire-cast-set-to-return/story of the year broke this past weekend when director Richard Donner confirmed that he is moving forward on The Goonies 2 with the entire cast (except for Anne Ramsey and John Matuszak, aka Sloth, R.I.P.) returning to reprise their roles. Was this for real? Or was Richard Donner just continuing to fan the flames of a pipedream that has long been discussed at Warner Bros.? According to original star Corey Feldman, a sequel is most certainly in the works. But will it happen?

Corey Feldman is quite an active voice on Twitter, and confirmed yesterday that director Richard Donner had approached him about The Goonies 2 a few months ago. Of course our beloved Felddog wants to return, but he's heard this story before. Donner has been threatening to make this follow-up for years, and this time, he claims to have Steven Spielberg coming along as an executive producer, as he was on the first one, and original screenplay writer Chris Columbus is helping out in some capacity. But the script must retain the magic of the first The Goonies, which hit theaters in the summer of 1985.

"The Goonies 2: FACT OR FICTION? I hav[e] been hounded incessantly since this "rumor" hit the press 24 hrs ago! Literally thousands of tweets [and] FB messages. Unfortunately I can't be the one to GIVE you an official answer, however I will gladly share what I do know. I ran [into] my good friend Dick Donner a few months ago. He told me the exact same thing. I normally wouldn't share that conversation, but since he made it public, I can verify: the statement as he said "Steven [Spielberg and] I R doing it together", and mentioned something about Chris Columbus helping out. He also said he wanted us all in it. However, I have yet to see a script, so I remain skeptical. As you know the idea has been recycled four yrs, but it can't be done w/o a perfect script! We all must be certain that it doesn't miss the magic of the original. That said Dick is one of the few men in this industry that I LOVE [and TRUST as he is a great, honest, and Noble man, who has always been there 4 me in my life, and would not tell a lie! So if he says it's close, then I believe they are working hard to make it the best script possible and if and when they feel confident to share with us, you will know!"

The actor went onto verify today with these new Tweets.

The last Tweet is in response to this TMZ story: CLICK HERE. As you can see, the actor never said he wouldn't sign on.

Original The Goonies star Sean Astin threw this tweet in the mix:

The Richard Donner interview itself was an odd one, taking place in the street with a TMZ on TV reporter. This is what he had to say.

"We're doing a sequel."

When asked if any of the original cast is going to return, he replies,

"Hopefully all of them."

A script for The Goonies 2 was written many years ago, and followed a group of new kids, the sons and daughters of the original Goonies, who all go off on an adventure like the one seen in the original movie. Most of the cast, including Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Kerri Green, and Martha Plimpton have expressed an interest in returning in the past few years. It was in 2008 that a new writer had boarded the project, but Warner Bros. never greenlit the production. As far as we know, the sequel still isn't greenlit.

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Could this all be Warner Bros.' way of gauging interest in a sequel? We think so, and the response has been phenomenal. Fans definitely want the movie, and they want Corey Feldman to return as the smart ass Mouth. Will it happen though? We'll have to wait and see!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange