It's been a crazy couple of months for Hollywood in general. Especially this past week. Just as the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal seemed to be simmering down, the heat was turned up higher than ever, with several big name individuals in the entertainment industry losing their jobs, including Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose and quite a few more. There have been allegations thrown from left to right, and there doesn't seem to be an end to the parade of names making headlines. In the middle of this tsunami is Corey Feldman, who is on a crusade to out Hollywood's massive pedophile ring. Given abused children a voice as most of the media is focused on the adult side of this issue.

Corey Feldman has ramped up his efforts in the past week. He still plans on making his Truth movie, which he began crowd funding several weeks ago, after having a near death experience. Many have criticized his need for $10 million, which is not only going to the production and self-distribution of the movie, but also to legal fees and security protection, as the actor/musician has had to face death threats for a longer period of time than most people realize. Corey's fear for not only his life, but for his son and wife, isn't a new thing, it's just become heightened as his crusade continues to gain traction.

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This past week, Corey released a new video, where he detailed some of the changes he was making to his plan. He has split his campaign into two, with some money going towards the movie and legal fees, with the other helping to get him the full-time security he needs. He has knocked the production budget from $10 million to $1 million, and has been exposing names of accusers through the help of Dr. Oz. But Corey still faces some huge criticism from the public in general, and has gotten little to no help from those in Hollywood, most of whom are turning a blind eye to the pedophilia that Feldman claims runs rampant through Hollywood. To counter some of the negativity towards him and his cause, Feldman's wife, whom he's been with for the past five years, has finally stepped forward to tell her side of the story. She exposes the truth behind Corey Feldman's recent brush with death, and why Corey quit his tour, which was quite successful and sold out leading up to his arrest in Louisiana. Corey says this about the new video.

"Hey guys, my wife @CourtneyAnne12 has made a lil vid of her own. She wanted U 2 hear some of her thoughts from the female perspective, please watch: Courtney Feldman speaks: Exclusive Video #PRESERVEINNOCENCE #CoreysTRUTHCampaign #ISTANDWITHCOREY #MeToo."

Courtney Anne hasn't spoken out much, though she was seen on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap two years ago, which Feldman admits didn't paint the couple in the best of light. Even at that time, Feldman knew there were nefarious forces at work trying to silence him, and make him look like an eccentric weirdo. He believes that Celebrity Wife Swap was deliberately used as a tool against him. As more truth comes out, it's evident that Feldman is on the right side of history with his cause. And Courtney helps shed some light on what is actually happening behind the scenes, giving a fresh perspective on it all.

"Hi, I'm Courtney Feldman. And I'm here to talk to you about what I've been through these past couple months. Being Corey's wife and all. I don't even really know where to start. It's been a roller coaster of emotions these past couple of months. One minute I'm on tour, things are going good, I'm doing the keyboards and DJing for our tour with the Angels. And then the next minute we're in trouble. We got arrested. It was one of the most horrifying and strange experiences of my whole life. It was really silly how this whole thing went down. Basically what happened to us in Louisiana caused a chain reaction of events. The next day we had one of the girls from the band quit. We had no means to go forward. While we're figuring out what we're gong to do with the rest of the tour, we have a near death experience the next day. That was one of the most terrifying moments of my life, because I thought my husband had been killed. I was walking in front of him when it happened. I didn't see what happened behind me. I ran across the street as this was happening, and I turned around, and I prayed, and I said, 'Please God, tell me he is going to be alive.' I turn around and he is still there. I'm like, 'Oh, my God, thank you!' He's still alive. That happened. Then after that, basically, Corey had a moment of clarity, after his life flashed before his eyes. He decided that he is going to go forward with trying to crusade this whole thing against pedophiles."

After detailing the near death experience Corey Feldman and Courtney Anne felt as two trucks barreled towards them, almost killing them on the spot, Courtney reveals that things changed drastically from this point on. And that's how they have managed to find themselves here, today.

"To be honest [this] shouldn't be falling all on his shoulders because there shouldn't be people who bare witness to such things that do happen, and are extremely terrified to come forward. I don't blame them, because we've been through a lot just having Corey come forward. It's absolutely insane. It's hard for the average person to comprehend what we have gone through these past few months. And it does sound crazy. We can't blame people for thinking, 'Well, why does Corey need all this money and why does he need to make a movie?' Why all of a sudden? It really seemed as though it was Devine timing. As if we weren't meant to go in the direction of finishing our tour with the band. We were instead meant to go on this crusade against pedophiles. Therefore that's what we went ahead and did. It wasn't a split decision. We had said lots of prayers. We talked to lots of people. We came to lots of conclusions pretty much as a group, and we decided this was the best way forward. That's when we went forward. Basically after the near death experience, Corey and I decided to move forward and shoot his first video so he can come forward with all this information. What has happened to him as well as what he's witnessed. Being a young child in the industry and being exposed to multiple predators who did not have his best interests at heart, and were out to prey on him as a young adolescent teenager."

Courtney goes onto share how scared she has been for her life these past couple of months. But she is dedicated to the cause and will continue supporting her husband.

"For the past two months, we've been sacred out of our minds. I don't know if my husband is going to get assassinated tomorrow. I can't tell you these things, because I'm just a girl. I'm just a human being. I don't know these things. God knows these things. All I can say is that I support Corey 100%. I have been with him for the past five years. He's a great person. I wouldn't be with him if he wasn't. He is a person of high moral integrity. One of the many reasons I love him is because of that. When people come out and say he's being greedy, or that he needs $10 million for this film, or why this film, why now? It frustrates me. Because this really wasn't our choice. This was the choice of the man upstairs if you will. We're just going with it right now. We're trying to do the very best we can. We thank you for all your support and contributions."

Courtney Anne goes onto explain that the plan is to make Corey's best selling memoir Coreyography into a movie. That has always been the plan. This shouldn't be confused with the Lifetime movie coming in 2018 called A Tale of Two Coreys. If You would like to get involved you can donate to help get the film made by visiting their Indiegogo site here. If you would like to donate to help with The Feldman's immediate safety you may do so via GoFundMe by clicking here. You may also help out by adding your name to sign the #COREYSLAW petition and end the statute of limitations with a new Federal Law by clicking here.