Corey Haim is keeping himself busy these days. After a supporting role in the upcoming action extravaganza Crank 2: High Voltage and a leading role in the comedy Shark City, the Haimster is going back to his horror roots with New Terminal Hotel. According to the actor's own website, he will be starring alongside Ezra Buzzington (of The Hills Have Eyes and Mirrors fame) and cult actor turned gay porn star Stephen Geoffreys (best remembered for his turn as Evil Ed Thompson in Fright Night).

The movie is being directed by BC Furtney, and revolves around Buzzington's wheelchair bound "Spitz", a child pornographer that is staying in a creepy hotel. Geoffreys will play his best friend. At this time, Haim's role in the project has not been revealed.

Furtney and his cast are currently shooting inside the historic George Washington Hotel in Washington, Pa. The film will be released sometime next year.