Its not the biggest omission made by Oscar Producers in recent years, but on last night's 83rd Annual Academy Awards telecast, former teen actor Corey Haim was excluded from the In Memoriam segment which remembers those actors and filmmakers who have passed away in the last year.

Farrah Fawcett was left out of the 2010 In Memoriam segment, and George Carlin failed to make the cut in 2009. When Heath Ledger died in January of 2008, show producers made sure to include the beloved actor, but Brad Renfro, who died just a few days after Heath was snubbed due to "time constraints".

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Those behind putting together the In Memoriam segment for last night's show have not chimed in on why Corey Haim was left out of the reel. He was an accomplished actor at a young age, with starring roles in the hit films Lucas and The Lost Boys. Corey Haim died in March of 2010 from pneumonia. Though he had a history of drug abuse and numerous other personal problems in his later years, he was a well-known and liked actor who definitely deserved a mention on last night's show.

Other glaring omissions from last night's show include director Eric Rohmer, who helped establish the French New Wave and had been nominated for two Academy Awards. Comedy writer and longtime Albert Brooks collaborator Monica Mcgowan Johnson. Cinematographer Don Peterman, who worked on Flashdance, Splash, Point Break, and countless other popular films. Actress Rue McClanahan, who was best known for her role on The Golden Girls. And actor/singer Eddie Fisher, who contributed a number of songs to various movies throughout the years.

In Corey Haim's case, he was also recently omitted from the Screen Actors Guild Awards In Memoriam segment. Longtime onscreen partner and friend Corey Feldman was saddened at the time of his exclusion, but felt sure the Academy would do right by Corey Haim. He was proven wrong.

Corey Haim's mother is currently selling some of the actor's personal belongings on EBay. The following message was left at Corey Haim's official website.

"Nearly a year has gone by since we lost Corey Haim. While the mourning continues, Judy Haim feels it is time for her to release some of Corey's personal belongings. She no longer has the space for it all & would now like to offer them to his fans. Over the next few weeks, I will be listing these items for Judy on eBay. The proceeds of Corey's snowboard and accessories from "The Two Coreys" will be for the benefit and support of Judy. The proceeds of ALL other items (t-shirts, shirts, shoes, etc.) will go 100% to the Homeless Animals Rescue Team of Long Island, an animal rescue organization that saves, vets and provides long-term shelter to homeless dogs, cats and other companion animals in need. Click CLICK HERE for a listing of the current items for sale."
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