Corey Haim announced today that he is reteaming with his Silver Bullet co-star Gary Busey for the upcoming film Dazed. Also starring in the film will be up and coming actress Alisa Reyes, who Haim claims to have a giant crush on.

No plot details have been disclosed at this time, but the film will go into production in the next couple of weeks. This will be Haim's first project since wrapping the second season of The Two Coreys. The actor is still being coy about his appearance in this summer's upcoming sequel The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, saying only, "Maybe I'm in The Lost Boys 2...Maybe I'm not! Be sure to watch it to find out, K?"

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Haim promises to have new photos from his current projects available on his website soon. The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe will see a proper release this July, but Warner Brothers hasn't made an official statement about the film's venue for release. It was intended to be a direct-to-video sequel, but it is looking more and more like it will hit the big screen instead.