We recently reported that Warner Brothers was so happy with the finished cut of The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe that they decided to shoot some extra scenes for the film. We recently heard a rumor that those scenes were the deleted script pages that revolved around Corey Haim's character Sam Emerson. Tonight, Moviehole confirmed that Corey Haim is indeed back for reshoots on the sequel, and will be sharing the stage with Corey Feldman for the first time since 1997.

The writer of the film, Hans Rodionoff, got in contact with Moviehole and stated:

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"Sam Emerson was in the earliest drafts of the screenplay, and when it looked like we weren't going to be able to cast Corey Haim, I begrudgingly took the scenes out and wrote around the holes. Recently, I got a call that said that Corey would be able to do the scenes, and Warner Bros. was happy enough with the movie that they felt like spending a little extra to work Sam Emerson into the movie would be money well spent. So, I dug back into my old files and found the deleted scenes with Sam Emerson and sent them to PJ. I really feel like Sam Emerson is a crucial part of the Lost Boys legacy, and I'm glad that his scenes will end up in the film."

The film is scheduled for release this summer. Warner Brothers is eyeing a possible July debut, but they still haven't decided if this is going straight to the screen or straight to DVD.