Slipknot singer Corey Taylor is making a horror movie, and he's finally making some progress with the production by teaming up with legendary FX guru Tom Savini and his team. Previously, we reported on Taylor's plans to try his hand as a filmmaker, as the singer revealed he'd written a horror movie screenplay with plans to pursue the project at some time in the future. Now, the project has instantly added tons of credibility by bringing in Savini's company Tom Savini Studios to help provide the FX for the movie, which also suggests that the use of CGI will be minimal.

Savini's right-hand man at Tom Savini Studios, Jason Baker, confirmed the collaboration by speaking about his involvement with Taylor's horror project. "I am thrilled that we are able to finally start slowly talking about the fact that Tom and I are going to be involved with the new Corey Taylor new horror movie, and that we will be handling the special makeup effects for it," Baker recently told Daily Dead. He adds: "We have always had such a great time collaborating with Corey, doing his masks and everything, but the best thing about working with him is that I made a friend. Corey's such a wonderful, fun person to be around."

As of now, details are mum on Corey Taylor's Horror Movie, so it remains to be seen what the Slipknot frontman has in store for us with his directing debut. It certainly means a lot for Savini's studio to get involved, giving the project a seal of approval from one of the genre's greatest masterminds. Additionally, while Baker says he can't talk specifics, the effects artist describes Taylor's screenplay as "totally f--ked up," not that we would have expected anything less. With the project making traction at a rather steady pace so far, chances are we'll find out more information about the movie soon.

Just last month, Taylor made headlines when he revealed that his first horror movie screenplay had been completed. For his part, Taylor hasn't shed a single detail about the movie's plot, though he stressed that he was "really stoked about" the project. The musician also mentioned to Rolling Stone his plans to make the horror movie, noting he was "aggressively looking for investors and producers." Savini's involvement certainly will create further intrigue from fans of the horror genre, and the development also suggests that production for the movie is on the right track.

Oddly enough, Taylor will not be the first member of Slipknot to transition into a career as a filmmaker. Shawn Crahan, also known as the band's Clown, directed a movie of his own in 2016 about a deceased police officer rising from the dead to continue his war on crime. Taylor was featured in the movie for a special cameo appearance, and it's possible the experience led to the Slipknot frontman's own interests in pursuing film work. In any case, this movie will definitely be one for horror fans to check out - even those unfamiliar with the music of Slipknot or Stone Sour. This news comes to us from Daily Dead.