That was fast. Full Moon Features has announced that their upcoming Corona Zombies movie is in the post-production phase. The project is based on the coronavirus pandemic which is currently spreading all over the world and scaring a lot of people. All professional sports have suspended their respective seasons, Hollywood is halting productions, schools are closing, and concerts are being cancelled and postponed. So, the world is in need of some entertainment and some laughs.

Corona Zombies may just be the entertainment that we all need right now. And while the movie is only in the post-production phase, it will be released digitally on April 10th. The cover art features some zombies wearing breathing masks and clutching the world's most coveted object: toilet paper. There's even a spoof of Purell called PureHell featured in the Corona Zombies art. In other words, this movie looks like it's coming out at the perfect time as the world scrambles for canned goods and other items.

The Corona Zombies synopsis reads, "A government asleep at the wheel! The wealthy shrugging it off! And a virus that causes its victims to get up and kill! The people they kill... get up and kill." Obviously Full Moon Features is taking aim at the United States reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. Some have criticized the Trump administration for not immediately coming up with an action plan, while others believe that it's all an elaborate hoax. Regardless, Corona Zombies is having fun with the whole idea, while trying to cash in on the perfect timing.

Corona Zombies will be available on Full Moon's digital entertainment platforms, including Amazon and the Full Moon Features channel and app, on April 10th, 2020. This is only a few weeks away and it makes one wonder why we don't already have a trailer for the movie. To be honest, the movie was more than likely shot in the past two weeks, which means they are still editing the footage together and putting the VFX together too. Whatever the case may be, it is something that horror fans are more than likely going to want to see, along with people who are just looking for a break from the news.

The first trailer for Corona Zombies should be dropping at any time now to give us a sneak peek of what the movie will be all about. It practically writes itself, so Full Moon should have had a pretty easy time getting the project shot and edited. But, what happens if the world finds a vaccine for the coronavirus before April 10th? While that's unlikely, it would also be bad timing for the Corona Zombies movie, though it could be twisted into something fun at the same time. You can check out the poster for the upcoming horror movie below. Horror Society was the first to report on Corona Zombies.

Corona Zombies poster