The That's So Raven spinoff, Cory in the House is boasting with George Takei, Don Stark, and Lupe Ontiveros as guest stars in its debut season on The Disney Channel.

With Raven in college and mom Tanya in law school in England, Cory and Victor Baxter (Kyle Massey and Rondell Sheridan) move to the White House after Victor is hired as the personal chef to the newly elected president.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Takei and Stark will appearing in the same episode, with Takei playing Ronald, the snooty head steward on Air Force One, and Stark playing Russian Prime Minister Schuzoff. Ontiveros will portray Rosalinda "Mama" Martinez, the president's meddling mother, who challenges Victor to a cookoff.

No airdates have been announced for the star-studded episodes; Cory in the House premieres January 12th at 9:30pm on The Disney Channel.