Transformers has the potential to be one of the biggest films of the year. That's good news for Hasbro, the company that owns the toy license. They are going to be selling a lot of Transformers action figures this summer.

In a recent Variety article, there is talk of Hasbro signing with a new agency. In the piece, there is mention of a G.I. Joe live-action film that might be in the works. The film has been rumored to be in the planning stages for a while. If Transformers is as popular as everyone thinks it will be, this will undoubtedly happen.

According to the article, when Hasbro teamed up with William Morris, they "reupped" Hasbro's deal with Paramount Pictures to turn the G.I. Joe toy into a feature film. Lorenzo di Bonaventure is set to produce. The original pact had recently expired.

I hope this means Sgt. Slaughter and William "The Refrigerator" Perry are coming out of retirement. Transformers opens on July 3rd.