So, as if the news that Alexander Skarsgard might be up for the lead in Thor wasn't enough of a casting rumor for one day, now news is coming out about who might be playing the Thunder-god's evil half-brother, Loki. According to, Josh Hartnett is currently on the short list to take on the role of the god of mischief and evil.

It should be noted that this is not currently a done deal, however Hartnett has met with director Kenneth Branagh and both parties are interested in seeing if they can make it work.

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Hartnett is reportedly very interested, since he has never before played a villain, and in addition to being intrigued by the character, Heath Ledger's Oscar win for The Dark Knight has shown that actors can be taken seriously playing comic book villains.

In the comics, and mythology, Loki is Thor's adopted brother, and is actually a diminutive Frost Giant. Loki fancies himself the God of Mischief, but ultimately becomes the God of Evil. He has been Thor's longest running foe throughout the comics, and in mythology is supposed to be one of the key forces behind Ragnarok, which is the Norse version of Armageddon. Hartnett would make for an interesting counterpoint to Skarsgard, if both casting rumors prove to be true.

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