While Wonder Woman is considered a part of DC's "Big Three" of superheroes (the other two being Superman and Batman), a live-action Wonder Woman film has yet to materialize. Now, according to the latest report from our friends at IESB.net, there may finally be some progress on seeing the Amazon Princess come to the big screen, courtesy of a regime change at Silver Pictures.

Andrew Roma, who is now the man in charge at Silver Pictures, is spearheading the movement to bring Wonder Woman to life, along with mega producer Joel Silver. With some of the "second-string" characters from DC Comics finally getting the chance to be adapted to film (as seen in the progress on Green Lantern and The Flash), it seems that Warner Brothers is finally ready to give the go-ahead on Wonder Woman.

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Warner Brothers and Silver Pictures are still in the earliest stages of development, but they are reportedly eager to get moving, with the studio looking for new writers on the project and currently taking script pitches.