David Wain's Role Models was one of the big comedy hits of last year, and there's even talk about another possible film already. MTV Movies Blog recently spoke with Wain, who was promoting the film's DVD and Blu-ray release tomorrow, and he said there have been talks about either a sequel or a spin-off film.

"There has been talk about a lot of things like that," said Wain. "Like taking the whole LAIRE universe and seeing those people's lives. We had a lot of fun thinking about what these people's day jobs were. Like the king of LAIRE is a data processing clerk by day and people dump on him all day. A lot of these memorable characters in the movie you only saw for a few moments-it would be fun to see more."

Wain stressed that no official talks have begun yet for a sequel or spin-off film. CLICK HERE to read more about this possible new film.