One of the actresses at the center of a popular horror franchise has just revealed some new tidbits on the new installment. Sci Fi Wire recently spoke with Courteney Cox-Arquette, who was promoting her new ABC series Cougar Town, and the actress spilled some details on Scream 4 as well.

She has a kid now," Cox said in a group interview Saturday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Pasadena, Calif., where she was promoting her ABC show Cougar Town. "She's married to Dewey."

Scream 3 ended with Deputy Dewey (David Arquette, Cox's real-life husband) proposing to local newswoman-turned-true-crime guru Gale. The characters bonded during their investigation of the first Scream murders, through the campus crimes of Scream 2 and the film-within-the-film of Scream 3.

Williamson previously described Scream 4 as the beginning of a new trilogy. Cox has no trepidations about beginning another three films. "No, because [I take things] one day at a time," she said. "But I heard the idea for Scream 4, and it's fantastic."

It was also said that, since writer Kevin Williamson and Cox-Arquette are both on new shows this season, a draft of the script was expected to be completed during Williamson's hiatus.