Director Jon Favreau's latest project Cowboys & Aliens doesn't hit theaters until July 29, but fans attending the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con may get to see the movie a week early. Jon Favreau announced that Cowboys & Aliens will have its worldwide premiere at Comic-Con next month. Take a look at what the director had to say below.

"The worldwide premiere of Cowboys & Aliens will be at Comic-Con. And not only are we going to premiere it there, we're going to find a way to include as many of the fans as possible. I feel like they've come out for me, they've supported me."
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No official details were made available about where the premiere will take place as of yet, although the director said he will announce more information in the near future. Jon Favreau also added that he felt it was important to showcase the movie at the annual San Diego event, to bring the project back to its roots.

"That's where it all started, and I want to give back. They should have the opportunity to see it first."