Universal Pictures has released a brand new photo gallery for the upcoming summer adventure Cowboys & Aliens, which debuts in theaters nationwide on July 29. Click on any of these new photos below to access our growing gallery.

Daniel Craig stars as Jake Lonergan in Cowboys and Aliens
Cowboys and Aliens Photo #2
Cowboys and Aliens Photo #1
Cowboys and Aliens Photo #3
Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens comes to theaters everywhere July 29 2011We also asked {85} if Favreau had first mentioned this project to him while they were making {86}, or if he just decided to do the film because he had so much fun with the director last time? Yeah, we just had a good time. Bob and {87} have a great track record, obviously, and {88} was a big part of the decision too, answered {89}. You know, the part sort of turned into something and {90}'s just great. We had a great time on {91} and we really worked well together. Finally we asked {92} to describe the difference between working with Favreau on this film and working with him on the last one? Well, it's a similar ... we have a solid script but we improvise within that and we change stuff on the day. But the only obstacle here is obviously that we're doing a period piece. So it's not like you could just say anything, you know, you can't just say, ah dude that sucks. I mean, you can't do that because you're in the Old West, finished {93}.
Sam Rockwell Talks Cowboys and Aliens