While filmmaker Craig Brewer has found success on the silver screen, he is turning to the Internet for his next project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Hustle & Flow director will develop the series $5 Cover for MTV New Media as a Web series.

Brewer pitched the idea to MTV New Media executive vice-president David Gale as a film or TV series idea. Gale convinced him to turn his idea into an Internet series.

"It felt like the perfect blend of where David came from in movie production and where he was going with new-media content," Brewer said.

The project will be an unscripted series of 15 episdoes, at about eight minutes apiece, that will delve into Brewer's familiar hometown of Memphis and dealing with the working-class problems the city faces. Brewer will cast local musicians, playing similar versions of themselves and the stories will be based upon their own life experiences. Each episode will also have a musical performance as the centerpiece of the program.