In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Craig Zobel and Matt Chapman are writing and creating Monster Safari.

The screenwriting duo as well three directors from the effects/production company Screen Novelties, they are Mark Caballero, Chris Finnegan and Seamus Walsh, will all join forces to create this stop-motion animation project for the Jim Henson Co.

Originally, the film started as a short from Screen Novelties. Henson executives Lisa Henson and Jason Lust decided the short should be feature.

"What's great about Screen Novelties is their look and feel is very Henson-esque," Lust stated. "There was a stylistic similarity."

The story looks at what happens when the Earth's monsters decide to stop hiding and two crypto-zoologists rush to save them from an evil big-game hunter.

"They have a wry, witty sense of humor that fits perfectly with the Henson and the Screen Novelties approach to comedy," Lust offered.