Crash certainly got a jolt in it's DVD sales the Monday after it took home the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Variety reports that on Monday after it's Sunday night win, Lionsgate sold 17,500 copies -- more than half last week's tally (33,000) -- of the DVD, which debuted six months ago.

Crash, which also took original screenplay, has sold about 4 million units to date. A double-disc director's cut is slated for release April 4.

"It's a great week to be here at Lionsgate," said prexy Steve Beeks, alluding also to the B.O. win by Madea's Family Reunion over the weekend. Beeks projected a 200% increase, if not more, for Crash sales by the weekend. (At, robust orders lifted Crash80 places to No. 23 on its top sellers chart -- a 347% gain -- overnight.)

Beeks said sales had been averaging 35,000-40,000 a week the past few frames. The week after the Oscar nominations were announced, Crash DVD sales spiked 150% to 45,000 units.

DVD has played a pivotal role in Lionsgate's Crash campaign from the beginning. Studio took the unusual step of sending DVD screeners to Screen Actors Guild members in addition to Academy members -- mailing out more than 130,000 copies to these voting orgs -- and was rewarded with a SAG award, then an Oscar nomination before scoring the ultimate prize.

Last month, the studio said it had earmarked an additional $2 million for its ultimately successful Oscar campaign, projecting up to $10 million in additional revenue with an Academy Award win. An Oscar win typically means more disc sales as a library product as well as greater TV rights fees.

"Most of that will be DVD sales," Beeks said.

The studio also has a Crash TV pilot, which it expects to benefit from the best picture win.