Quentin Tarantino has selected Crawl as his favorite movie of 2019 so far, though there are still two more months left in the year. The director has eclectic taste in movies and does not follow trends when it comes to best movies of the year or of all time. Crawl stars Kaya Scodelario as a woman terrorized by alligators during a Florida hurricane. Though its premise sounds a bit flimsy, the movie was able to score good reviews from critics who enjoyed the thrills that it produced. It's certainly a pretty original idea for a movie and Tarantino really seems to have enjoyed it a lot.

Deadline's Pete Hammond recently spoke with Quentin Tarantino about some of the best movies of the year. The director is still out promoting his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which many are calling the best movie of 2019. However, Tarantino has other opinions when it comes to the best movies of the past 10 months. Hammond had this to say.

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"Tarantino told me that, as incredible as he says it might sound, he thinks his favorite film so far this year just might be - wait for it - Crawl. That's right, the alligators-in-a-hurricane movie directed by Alexandre Aja that Paramount released a couple of weeks before QT's movie came out in July."

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has a lot of Oscars buzz surrounding it, too. To capitalize on awards season, the movie, which originally hit theaters over the summer, is back in theaters with bonus content. Sony is hoping to get some pretty big awards next year including, Leonardo DiCaprio (Best Actor) and Brad Pitt (Best Supporting Actor) and, Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. There's a good chance that the movie will end up with some wins.

Crawl probably won't have a presence at the Academy Awards, but getting Quentin Tarantino's endorsement is huge for the movie and director Alexandre Aja. While the movie wasn't a box office sensation, it was a big success financially. It ended its theatrical run with $90.5 million, against a production budget of $13.5 million, which is great. Critics enjoyed Crawl for what it is, with many praising the self-awareness of the project. As of this writing, the movie has an 82% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Now that Tarantino is backing it, more people will probably give it a shot.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is still in theaters and will be available digitally on November 26th. However, there is a limited edition version of the movie hitting stores on December 10th that Quentin Tarantino fans might be pretty happy about. The 4K special edition includes a 7-inch vinyl featuring songs from the movie, a Rick Dalton poster, and a Mad Magazine parody of the fictional TV series Bounty Law. It's an impressive looking packaging that comes with all of the extra scenes and special features. The Tarantino and Crawl news was first reported by Deadline.