Platinum Dunes' Ninja Turtles movie is still in the fairly early stages, with only Megan Fox confirmed to star at this point. Kevin Eastman, who co-created the original comic books with Peter Laird, recently offered his thoughts about the upcoming live-action remake. Here's what he had to say, revealing that he believes Platinum Dunes will give the fans everything they want, and that the producers have learned from successful blockbusters like Marvel's The Avengers.

"One of the things that's awesome about the relationship I've had with Platinum Dunes and (producer) Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman and some of the producers, Scott Mednick and Galen Walker on the series, is that it's probably amusing to a lot of people what the press puts out there and what they say people behind the scenes really want to do with the movie, but [Platinum Dunes'] main goal is actually to make the best possible Turtles movie with respect to the fans and the core audience as possible.

We've learned from movies like Marvel's The Avengers, which to me was a superhero movie so good to me personally that I practically wept. It was perfect, you know what I mean? That's the stuff that I grew up on. Joss Whedon just knocked it out of the park, the whole team did, and that includes choreographing all the interlocking movies.

From everything that I've seen in the [Ninja Turtles] script and the development and everything they've asked my input on specifically, it's gonna be an awesome, familiar, solid Turtles movie. It'll have everything that fans are gonna want and then some.

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Much like you look at what they're doing at Nickelodeon with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, it's all based solidly on the Turtles foundation, but they've hit the reset button. They've taken it back to the first episode, with the Turtles first time above ground after many years of training with Master Splinter. They're making a Turtles origin that is firmly rooted in Turtles history, but a slight tweak here and a slight tweak there. It's been enjoyable and the IDW series is much the same, in that it's firmly rooted in Turtles history, but multiple Turtles universes."

Jonathan Liebesman is directing from a screenplay by Matt Holloway, Art Marcum, André Nemec, and Josh Appelbaum. It isn't known when production will get under way.