On June 12 some Creatures will be coming to DVD!

In a story from Home Media Magazine, they report that Creature Features will hit DVD June 12 from Elite Entertainment. The film is "a documentary that explores the history of monsters in cinema through three installments: The Beasts, The Machine and The Dead. Each installment features an assortment of film clips from appropriate movies; The Dead, about killers who come back from the dead, has clips from such classic films as Nosferatu, The Mummy and Night of the Living Dead."

"I think that due to the vast amount of special effects usually involved in horror films, fans are very curious about 'how they did it,'" said Elite Entertainment president Vini Bancalari. "There is also the history behind the genre, which fans find very interesting. Everyone has their favorite movie monsters, but to learn about their roots is quite amazing."

Bancalari went on to say, "You can learn so much about their history and evolution over the years. For example, everyone knows Frankenstein, and we all associate that character with Boris Karloff. But to see scenes from the 1915 film Der Golem, you come to realize that this creature was the original Frankenstein monster, just as 1922's Nosferatu was the very first Dracula."