It looks like a rematch more than three decades in the making is starting to really heat up. Sylvester Stallone has been teasing the return of Ivan Drago for Creed 2 over the last month or so and it is all but formally confirmed that Dolph Lundgren is going to be back. Now, the actor has shared a new video on Instagram that teases his training to get back in shape for his upcoming return to the Rocky franchise.

Dolph Lundgren is currently filming Aquaman, but he is still finding time to hit the gym and get back into proper Ivan Drago shape. The character first appeared in Rocky IV, which is generally considered to be one of the best movies in the franchise. Again, it seems like everyone involved is being a little cagey, despite their not-so-subtle social media activity, and they are hoping to make some big, formal announcement at some point. As teased in his caption for the video, Lundgren is getting ready for something big.

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"Getting ready for something big! @officialslystallone #Creed2 #IvanDrago"

So yeah, not so subtle, but this is something that should excite Rocky fans. We still haven't been treated to exactly how Ivan Drago is going to factor into the Creed sequel, but Sylvester Stallone did recently say that he is going to throw at least one punch in Drago's direction. That is more than enough to justify bringing him into the fold. It may not be in the ring, but a Balboa vs. Drago rematch looks to be on the horizon. It's just a matter of when, which is unknown currently.

Little is known about what is going to take place in Creed 2 or when exactly production is going to get underway. Sylvester Stallone recently turned in the script though, which means things should be heating up shortly. Given the appearance of Ivan Drago, it seems likely that speculation of Drago's son, or someone along those lines, squaring off with Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) in the ring, will wind up being the central focus of Creed 2. This would also serve as a nice way to tie into the larger Rocky franchise, just as having Adonis be the son of Apollo Creed was a good way to tie his character to Rocky Balboa.

As of right now, the main thing seems to be director Ryan Coogler's schedule. He is busy with Black Panther, but once the movie comes out in February, his schedule could free up. That means we could possibly see Creed 2 filming next year. If the studio doesn't want to hold out for Coogler, maybe Sylvester Stallone could step into the director's chair? He handled that job for Rocky IV, so why not? We'll have to see how that shakes out, but for now, you can check out Dolph Lundgren's video for yourself below.