Audeva Agyeman's boyfriend procrastinated for too long and was not able to make it to her prom (he lives in another state). Instead of staying home, the teen got crafty and made a cardboard cutout of Michael B. Jordan to be her date. Her social media posts about the endeavor went viral and eventually caught the attention of Jordan, who took it upon himself to surprise Agyeman with a secret Creed 2 set visit.

Audeva Agyema was invited to the Creed 2 set, but was told that Michael B. Jordan would not be there. The actor had previously commented on one of her social media posts stating about her super fandom, stating, "This is called commitment." Agyeman was then offered a visit to the set of the sequel to take part in a special project for super fans. The production picked her up and drove her to the set, where she is later seen being interviewed about her story and the construction of the Jordan cutout.

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Michael B. Jordan posted a video of the special super fan event, where he surprised Audeva Agyeman. While she was being interviewed, Jordan was right behind her, and she had no idea. She was visibly confused for a second when she saw the actor until he gave her a giant hug. In a recent interview, she told the crew that they had "tricked her," but she was obviously kidding and calls the surprise the best day of her life. The two were able to talk for a bit, but Jordan had to take off to work, since they were on the set of Creed 2.

Michael B. Jordan's career has been on the rise over the last handful of years. He appeared in 2013's Fruitvale Station, which was directed by Ryan Coogler. Jordan was praised by critics for his role and reunited with Coogler in 2015 for Creed. The actor spent a year training for the movie, completely changing his diet and learning boxing, a move that paid off when the film became a box office success. Jordan worked with Coogler again on this year's Black Panther, which just happens to be the highest-grossing superhero movie of all time in North America.

Creed 2 recently wrapped filming and is currently in the post-production phase. Ryan Coogler was not able to direct the sequel, so Steven Caple Jr. stepped up to the challenge. Sylvester Stallone is back along with Tessa Thompson and the film looks like another slam dunk. The movie will feature Adonis Creed going to fight Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago, the boxer who killed Creed's father in the ring. Audeva Agyeman gives the sequel her approval, but she may be a little biased. You can check out the surprise Creed II set visit below, thanks to Michael B. Jordan's Instagram account.