Creed 2 is officially arriving in theaters on Thanksgiving Day 2018. Things have been coming together very quickly for the highly-anticipated sequel in recent months and now, with a release date just 11 months away, the filmmakers and cast are going to have to get to work in order to make sure this thing is ready to go next holiday season. Previously, it was announced that Creed 2 was going to be released on November 18, but that's now been moved to November 22, as confirmed by Sylvester Stallone.

Taking to Instagram, Sylvester Stallone revealed the new release date with a cool new teaser poster. The one-sheet that Stallone shared says the movie will be released on Christmas Day in 2018, which conflicts with his caption, and boasts the tagline, "How much is your legacy worth?" In any case, it sounds like Creed 2 is going to be the big holiday offering next year. So mark it down on your calendars, Rocky fans. Here's what Stallone had to say about it in his Instagram post.

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"It is coming out in November!!! Thanksgiving!!! You're really won't know how tough you are until you have to stand toe to toe with your worst fear and knock it out cold!!!!

Originally, it looked like Sylvester Stallone was going to direct Creed 2, as he's done with several entries in the franchise previously. However, up-and-coming director Steven Caple Jr. (The Land) was recently hired to helm the movie and was handpicked by Stallone and Michael B. Jordan, who returns as Adonis Creed in this installment. Even though he's not directing, Stallone co-wrote the script for the sequel with Cheo Hodari Coker (Luke Cage), in addition to producing and starring. So he's still going to be quite busy this time around. In addition, Tessa Thompson was also recently confirmed to be reprising her role from Creed.

While plot details are mostly being kept under wraps, we know that this movie will be taking some inspiration from Rocky IV. Dolph Lundgren will be returning as Ivan Drago and the movie is said to feature his son as well. Though it hasn't been confirmed, it seems like the plot will revolve around Adonis and Drago's son duking it out in the ring.

Production is said to begin in March on Creed 2, which means they're going to have to work rather quickly in order to meet the release date. Ryan Coogler, who directed the first movie, is still said to be involved as an executive producer, but because of his commitments on Marvel's Black Panther, he couldn't return to direct. After a rather long wait, it looks like one of the most promising reboots in recent memory is finally getting a sequel. Let's just hope it lives up to its predecessor. Be sure to check out Sylvester Stallone's announcement for yourself below.