Creed 2 is currently filming in Philadelphia, so Sylvester Stallone took some time to go visit the original house from Rocky. Stallone has been going down memory lane a lot since production started on the sequel, even going as far as to show the original turtles from the first movie, Cuff and Link, who are also starring in Creed 2. According to Stallone, the turtles are now 44-years old, which isn't very old considering that turtles can live to be 80. Sylvester Stallone has now released a new video of himself sitting on the steps of the original Rocky house on social media.

"Join me in the Time Machine...," Sylvester Stallone captioned the new video he posted on Instagram earlier this week. In the clip, shot on the front steps of Rocky's old house, the 71-year old actor reminisced about 1976's Rocky and mentioned that he might not get the chance to come back. He said, "While filming Creed 2, I took a trip back to the old neighborhood and visited Rocky's house..." During the video, Stallone had this to say.

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"I don't know how many times I'm going to get a chance to visit this place, so maybe this is the last time I sit here on the Rocky steps. A lot of memories went down here. I remember when I did a scene with Adrian here. I said look at this face. This is a face you can trust. Someday they're going to put this face on a stamp."

At the end of the clip, Sylvester Stallone snapped out of the nostalgia haze to say, "Some things come to an end. Some things don't. There's just no end to Rocky," which is he truth. Rocky Balboa is one of the most iconic movie characters in history. People die and places will get torn down, but as Stallone says, "There's just no end to Rocky." Additionally, new generations are getting turned on to the franchise with Creed and Creed 2, which ensures that the legacy will live on.

Creed 2 is currently in production and Sylvester Stallone has been giving regular updates. Plus, leaked pictures from the set have shown off Dolph Lundgren's Ivan Drago training Florian Munteanu who plays his son in the sequel. Also, there have been reports that Brigitte Nielson will be in Creed 2 as well, after she was spotted at a Philadelphia airport a few weeks ago. However, nothing has been officially confirmed at this time.

Creed 2 will hit theaters on November 21st, which means that production should be wrapping up pretty soon. That also means that we should be able to see the very first footage from the sequel really soon as well. For now, you can check out Sylvester Stallone going down memory lane, visiting the Rocky steps as well as catching up with the original Rocky turtles, Cuff and Link. Check out the video and picture below, courtesy of Sylvester Stallone's Instagram page.