One of the best found footage movies to hit the screen in the past decade has been Corporate Animals director Patrick Brice and Togetherness and Room 104 writer-star Mark Duplass' Creep. And if that movie wasn't good enough, the pair filmed a sequel - appropriately titled Creep 2 a year or so ago and the new movie was even better than the original. Thus it makes more than a bit of sense that this here horror fan is eagerly awaiting Creep 3. And today we have word that the film might be heading our way sooner rather than later as director Patrick Brice recently spoke about what he and Duplass have in store for us come part 3.

Patrick Brice says this.

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"[We] finally found an idea that we're really excited about. One of the things we want to keep true with these movies is that they're... still small scale. Keeping that focus tight. Letting it be something that sort of orbits around Mark's character. We've found something we're really excited about. We're still in the process of writing. I can say that."

Brice continues on to say this.

"It's a chance for us to do something I haven't really seen in horror movies, let alone found footage movies."

Nice! So when can we expect to see Creep 3?

"[Mark Duplass and I] are at the point where, if all goes well, shooting this movie later this year. [We have to] find a pocket in our schedules where we can actually make this movie and do right by it."

For those that might need a refresher, the original film told the tale of a videographer (played by the movie's director, Patrick Brice) who answers an online ad posted by Mark Duplass' titular creep that wants the videographer to film a movie for his unborn child. As you might imagine, not all is what it seems and things get fittingly creepier and creepier as the day goes on. Meanwhile, the sequel followed a video artist played by Desiree Akhavan who is recruited by Duplass to film a documentary on the fact that he is a vicious serial killer. Things don't play out as you might expect.

Found footage has mostly been considered the scourge of horror films (and movies in general) over the past ten years or so. But that said, as a rabid horror fan, it might shock you to hear that I love found footage flicks. From Paranormal Activity to The Blair Witch Project to the under appreciated ghost story Lake Mungo I regularly consider found footage to produce some of the most genuinely scary movies of all time. But that's usually just me and I'm fine with being in the minority on this one. All of this is to say that I don't mind found footage one bit, and I'd even go so far as to say that I hope it makes a resurgence in the next few years. Let's hope Creep 3 kicks off the new wave in style. I'm optimistic that it will. This news is brought to us by Something Ghoulish.