Work on Creep 3 is officially underway. Mark Duplass has teased that writing is currently taking place on the third installment of the found footage horror franchise. In an under the radar sort of way, the two previous Creep movies have become some of the more well-liked and heralded horror movies in recent memory. So, even though story details are currently nonexistent, the knowledge that we're getting another one of these coming down the pipeline is exciting. Here's what Duplass had to say in a recent Instagram post.

"While we work on writing Creep 3, please enjoy the world premiere of Creep 2.5"
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The post was accompanied by a brief video with a young child wearing the Peachfuzz mask from the first two movies. As with the previous two installments, Mark Duplass is writing Creep 3 with Patrick Brice, who will once again be in the director's chair. While they haven't yet revealed what to expect in terms of plot just yet, Brice teased in a previous interview that this could be the Army of Darkness of their trilogy, meaning it could get absolutely wild and go in a totally different direction.

"I like the idea of, if we do a third movie, it being our Army of Darkness. Ya know. Going kind of off the rails. We'll see."

Creep took a lot of people by surprise when it made its debut at SXSW. That led to a deal with Blumhouse for a trilogy to be produced. The movies haven't had huge theatrical rollouts, with Creep 2 going to Netflix. But that doesn't make them any less great. You may be surprised to find out that Creep 2 currently has an unblemished 100 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So if you haven't checked these movies out already, do yourself a favor and get caught up before Creep 3 gets underway.

Found footage horror has been a popular way to produce a relatively cheap horror movie ever since The Blair Witch Project popularized the concept in 1999. But the found footage craze has wound down and it's become increasingly difficult to use the genre effectively. But the Creep movies have truly used the technique masterfully and the idea of seeing another installment at this point should be nothing but exciting for horror fans, even if the idea of found footage has grown otherwise weary.

Mark Duplass has crafted an amazing character, who we've come to know as Josef and Aaron in the first two movies and it will be fascinating to see where they decide to take things, especially if this does go the "off the rails" route. Currently, there is no word on when Creep 3 will enter production, nor is there a release date set. But there was roughly a two-year gap between the first two, so maybe we could see the movie debut in late 2019? For now, you can check out Mark Duplass' Instagram post for yourself below.