The amazing horror-devoted record label Waxwork Records is at it again with a 30th anniversary of Creepshow 2 spread across two slabs of beautiful 180 gram vinyl with multiple color variants. The release comes after the label released the cult favorite soundtrack to Evil Dead 2, which up until now had only been available on the secondhand market, fetching over $100 for an original copy in mint condition. The recordings were remastered for the first time ever much to the delight of horror fans all over the world.

Waxwork Records new Creepshow 2 vinyl set will also be remastered for the first time, but even more importantly, it's the first time that the soundtrack has been available in any official physical format. The soundtrack is spread out over two records offering "The Raft," which is a Coke bottle clear and Black Blob colored vinyl and an "Old Chief Woodenhead," which is a Metallic Golden Brown and Deep Teal Swirl color. A separate color variant for Waxwork subscribers only will be "The Hitchhiker," which is a Yellow and Red Starburst color.

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Creepshow 2, the score by British composer Les Reed with Rick Wakeman of the progressive rock band Yes will finally see it's first official release on Friday, August 4, 2017. It's best not to sleep on these Waxwork special editions because they often sell out very quickly. Especially ones like this that have vintage looking cover artwork with gatefold artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin along with a built in booklet full of liner notes and illustrations. So if you want one of these, do not sleep on it and go order one immediately. Waxwork released the following statement about the Creepshow 2 release. The statement reads.

"The score, co composed and performed by Les Reed and Rick Wakeman, features a mix of both classic and orchestrated compositions and electronic, synth cues. After a lengthy search of the original masters, Waxwork Records was able to work directly with composers Les Reed and Rick Wakeman to acquire the original source material and re-master for vinyl."

Waxwork Records is an incredible record label for horror movie fans. They reissue high quality horror soundtracks and tend not to do repressings unless the demand calls for it, like the Creepshow soundtrack that sold out within days, but was rereleased do an incredible demand. Other top sellers that the label has had to repress are Taxi Driver and The Warriors with top-notch artwork and collectible vinyl coloring variants. But quite possibly their biggest release was the Friday the 13th soundtrack that was "blood filled" vinyl, which was innovative and very expensive for the label to pull off, resulting in a loss of money, but a very satisfying release.

Creepshow 2 was released in 1987, 5 years after the release of the first movie to mostly mixed reviews. The movie contained 3 stories this time around as opposed to the 5 stories that were included within the first installment. The legendary George A. Romero wrote the screenplay with Lucille Fletcher based on stories by Stephen King and directed by Michael Gornick. Though it was met with mixed reviews, it is still considered a classic amongst horror fans and now you can own the soundtrack for the first time ever. Head over to Waxwork Records now before they sell out. In the meantime, check out the artwork and vinyl color variants below.