Apparently some various casting agencies throughout Los Angeles have been scouring for extras for a production called Creepshow 3. No confirmation from the studio has come that this is in fact a sequel the George Romero, Stephen King horror collaborations of the 80's, Creepshow and Creepshow 2, but this scoop may actually have some clout.

Oftentimes work on movie sets as an Extra. I know I probably should use the term Background Actor (as that is now the accepted politically correct term), but as long as they pay me Union wages they can call me whatever they darn well please. I am signed up with a bunch of different casting web sites to procure extra work. How these things go is that you read the casting notices online and then you submit your various pictures via email. It's a very easy and streamlined way to make extra money while also getting to see how life on a movie set works.

Why am I telling you this, you ask?

Well, recently I have started seeing posts within the Extras Casting Guild for a movie titled Creepshow 3. Now as far as I can recollect, none of the posts have actually been listed as Creepshow 3. It's only when I have gone to the posts and clicked into the body of them, that I have seen that that is in fact the production they are posting for. After checking with IMDB and some other "knowledgeable sources", I was a bit disheartened to find that there is no mention of Creepshow 3 being in production on IMDB and my sources knew nothing about it either.

Here's the thing... I didn't just see one post with the title Creepshow 3 in it. I saw around 4 or 5 posts like this. So, either this movie is in production or there was a mistake in the posting.

One way or another, we here at Movieweb will be keeping extra special close tabs on this story as it hopefully continues to unfold.