AE& is currently producing three potential crime series for air. According to Variety, the one most likely to hit first is Crime 360.

This hour-long series will be the reality version of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The show will use "CGI visualizations and state-of-the-art 3-D photography" to give audiences "a look at the evidence from a microscopic level" in investigations of actual crimes. Seventeen episodes are being produced at this time.

The second crime series coming to A&E is the half-hour program Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force. It will focus on the work of a federal agency based in midtown Manhattan whose job is to join with state and local agencies to track down dangerous felons on the lam in the Greater New York/New Jersey area. Twenty-two episodes are being produced.

The third series is Rookies. It will feature two separate eight-episode programs. Cameras and microphones will trail after a group of rookies as they patrol crime-ridden neighborhoods after eight months of police academy training.

None of the series has a set start date at this time.