As some of you fellow horror movie fans out there might already know, this summer an all-new Critters movie is headed our way on digital and Blu-ray starring the original film's actress Dee Wallace (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial). And today Wallace spoke a bit about what enticed her to return to the franchise all of these years later for director Bobby Miller's Critters Attack!.

"I was so happy when they sent me the reboot of Critters. My first question was is this going to be CGI? And they said no, [they] were going to use a lot of the original design of the puppets. It's all going to be puppets. And I went, 'oh, let me read the script.' I liked the script, and I liked my part in it - she's a real ball-buster - but my first concern was if this was going to be CGI. Because in a film like that, the fans are adamant that they do not want to see it done in a different way. They're really adamant about the purity of the original."
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Now I don't know about you, but I'm really excited to see Dee Wallace return to bust some Crite balls in this new Critters Attack! movie. Hell, I'm thrilled whenever Dee Wallace returns to any role from the past. Here's hoping she enjoyed her Critters return so much she finally takes on another The Howling movie or another Cujo movie. Oh, wait...

Dee Wallace starred in the original Critters as Helen Brown, and her co-stars included M. Emmet Walsh as Harv, Liane Alexandra Curtis as Megan Morgan, Terrence Mann as Ug/Johnny Steele, Roxanne Kernohan as Lee, Billy Green Bush as Jay Brown, and Scott Grimes as Brad Brown. Nadine Van der Velde joined them as April Brown, along with Don Keith Opper as Charlie McFadden, Billy Zane as Steve Elliot, Ethan Phillips as Jeff Barnes, and Lin Shaye as Sally.

Stephen Herek directed the original Critters movie from a screenplay he co-wrote along with Domonic Muir and Don Keith Opper. Rupert Harvey produced the little creature feature which featured music by David Newman, cinematography by Tim Suhrstedt, and editing by Larry Bock. Sho Films was the production company behind the movie which New Line Cinema distributed into a theater near you back on April 11, 1986.

The cult-classic '80s movie has already been rebooted recently by Shudder for the series Critters: A New Binge. That series featured the titular creatures returning to Earth on a secret mission and once again being pursued by intergalactic bounty hunters. The series premiered on Shudder on March 21, 2019.

Meanwhile, The Cleanse director Bobby Miller takes the helm of this new Critters movie Critters Attack! with Adam Friedlander and Armand Leo producing. This new film follows a 20-year-old babysitter named Drea who struggles to keep her little brother Phillip and two other kids alive as mysterious alien critters crash-land on Earth and start devouring every living thing they encounter. The film has already been slapped with an R-rating via the MPAA for "bloody creature violence" and is coming to digital and Blu-ray this summer. This story comes to us via We Got This Covered.