Crouching Prequel: Hsu Li Kong, co producer of the international smash hit Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has confirmed that he recently met with director Ang Lee to discuss their next project. According to Dark Horizons, Lee has signed on to direct the film which will tell the story of how Shu Lien and Li Mu Bai met. It is also reported that Lee is considering the possibility of having Jet Li play the role of young Li Mu Bai. Li, you may recall, was approached for the first film, but passed.

Spiderman 2: Rumor is swirling in town that Sony is VERY pleased with the cut of Spiderman they've been shown... So pleased, that they've already greenlit a sequel, which would begin after Tobey Maguire finishes his producer duties on The 25th Hour . That's a bold move for the studio, considering the potential for disaster, but they were smart enough to sign Maguire for a sequel early just in case.

David Fincher: Director David Fincher, who's Panic Room is set to hit theaters soon, has commited to developing a project for Regency Entertainment. The film, titled Stay concerns a psychologist at an Ivy League school who tries to keep a student from commiting suicide. Regency paid $1.8 million for the rights to the project which was written by the ever popular David ( The 25th Hour ) Benioff, with the intent of bringing it to Fincher.

De Bont and The Courier: Director Jan De Bont, who's last film The Haunting received lukewarm response, has signed on to direct The Courier , about a man who will make deliveries to anyone, anywhere with no questions asked. He is put to the test when he's asked to deliver a parcel to a legendary crime figure that nobody has been able to find. De Bont has a producer credit on the upcoming Minority Report . It will be his first time back in the directors chair in a while... Some may believe his absence from theaters has been a good thing.

MIB2: The Barry Sonnenfeld film is rounding up it's cast for a small reshoot planned for later this month. We'll try to find out the who, what and why....

Keitel: Actor Harvey Keitel, who has taken over the Jack Crawford role in Red Dragon walked off the set recently when a "discussion" or "disagreement" came up again between director Brett Ratner and star Edward Norton. Tipsters tell us that Keitel simply decided he'd had enough of the bickering, and just walked out without fanfare. The Crawford role was played in Manhunter by Dennis Farina, and by Scott Glenn in The Silence of the Lambs.

Sources: Various Tipsters & The Hollywood Reporter.

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