Oh man. The next 2 days are gonna be fun filled flick frenzies for us! Brock and I will be checking out 15 Minutes, The Mexican, & Exit Wounds. Yes. That's right. Exit Wounds. Oh, it's gonna be fun!

I'll also be taking an extensive look at my brand spankin new Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon DVD. "Wait a second, that thing isn't even out yet..." Ah ha, yes it is! This thing has been released in Malaysia by Columbia Pictures, and the DVD has no regional coding on it! This thing has played in every DVD player we have tried it in & it even works in a PS2!

The DVD includes talent files, photos, theatrical trailer, and an interview with Michelle Yeoh! Overdubbed language selections are English (yuck!), Cantonese, & Mandarin, with subtitles reading in either English, Chinese, or Malay!

Now normally Lights Out wouldn't be hyping such a thing, but we are such huge fans of the film that no movie enthusiast could ever resist such a thing, and since Brock & I already have have our copies we decided to share the wealth!

Where do you get your copy of the greatest kung-fu movie ever on DVD? Well, a close friend of Lights Out has purchased about 200 of them from a Malaysian dealer and is selling these suckers to the public! If you're a big fan of the film, THIS is your chance to score this DVD! If you have any questions you can check out his listings @ E-Bay or e-mail Matt here. Make sure and tell him that Lights Out sent you!

Movie PictureOne of the greatest people ever to grace the adult industry is a man by the name of Ron Jeremy. While reading {7} beautiful write up on this fine actor it lead me to a site that had never been revealed to my eyes before...{8}! It's...it's...so great...sniff....it's making me tear up. I gotta go...sniff.That's it for now! Stay tuned...{9}