The long-awaited reboot of The Crow hit another stumbling block last month, when actor Luke Evans backed out of the lead role as Eric Draven, due to his busy schedule. While an actor hasn't officially stepped in yet, The Crow comic book creator James O'Barr made an appearance at Wizard World Madison over the weekend, where he offered his choice to replace Luke Evans, Smallville and Being Human star Sam Witwer. James O'Barr has reportedly been in contact with Sam Witwer for some time about the role, and he believes the actor has "the look and ability" to portray Eric Draven. Here's an excerpt from Blastr's report, revealing that James O'Barr still needs to convince new director Corin Hardy that Sam Witwer is the right choice.

"O'Barr said he still needs to convince Hardy of the choice, but when Evans exited, he phoned Witwer and told him he was now at the top of the list. He said Witwer's reply was that he'd mow the creator's lawn for the rest of their lives for the chance."
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James O'Barr also added that over $20 million has already been spent on the reboot in pre-production, and that financing issues are why the movie hasn't started shooting yet. He also added that the plan is to add several scenes from his beloved graphic novel that never made it into the 1994 adaptation The Crow, including sequences intended to make the audience fall in love with Eric and his fiancee Shelly before her brutal murder. He also said the "incident" will be shot with 1970s-era film stock, to make it look more like Taxi Driver.

Aside from his roles on Smallville and Being Human, Sam Witwer is also known for voicing a number of characters on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, including Darth Maul. He also voiced Orm in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, but if he does sign on to play Eric Draven in The Crow, it will be his first leading role in a feature film. Do you think Sam Witwer is the right fit for Eric Draven? Let us know what you think.