Here we go again! Just as production on the long-delayed Fletch Remake beings to heat up, The Crow beings to cool down. Way down. Even though things have been looking better for the reboot, it has been troubled ever since it was announced. So much so, some believe it is cursed, a thought that goes all the way back to the original 1994 The Crow, which saw star Brandon Lee shot and killed on set. Creator of the comic book James O'Barr claims that $20 million has already been spent trying to get this new iteration off the ground. And while claims were made that the production would still shoot in the fall, despite Relativity filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it seems that initial report was a little premature.

The Crow has gone through a number or directors and writers over the last decade. While Director Corin Hardy is still attached, leading man Jack Huston bailed earlier this year, leaving the project in a lurch. The movie was still set to get started in late September or early October despite having no one in the lead as Eric Draven. But that has all changed over the course of the last few days. Relativity had to file bankruptcy due to being hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. One fifth of the studio's staff have been laid off. Their slate of projects have been hit hard, and though it didn't seem like it at first, The Crow may indeed be going down with the ship.

THR claim that pre-production on The Crow has completely come to a stop. An entire production team in the UK has now left the project, along with several key department heads. An official statement about the status of The Crow is expected from Relativity soon, but sources claim the studio is still very excited about the project. The film was supposed to shoot at Pinewood Studios' new location in Cardiff. But with such an exodus of creatives, the film appears to be delayed indefinietly.

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The Crow has gone through an amazing roster of talent in trying to secure the lead hero. Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper, Tom Hiddleston, Alexander Skarsgard, and Luke Evans have all been involved with the project in varying degrees before Jack Huston stepped in. He backed out in mid-June. At the time, Corin Hardy still seemed very enthusiastic about the project and had this to say.

"We look forward to unveiling our new lead and starting to film over the next several weeks."

As the movie kept getting pushed back, Jack Huston claimed that he was faced with scheduling conflicts, and that was the main reason for his unexpected exit. The film has been endlessly delayed on its way to production. The Crow was originally supposed to shoot this past spring. If it had of stayed on course, Jack Huston would have remained in place. Luke Evans was probably the actor attached the longest, and he was truly excited about the opportunity. But he, too, had to leave due to the fact that shooting never started, and other projects were getting in the way. He simply couldn't keep waiting around.

It's speculated that Relativity's financial troubles are going to make it increasingly hard to attract new talent to the remake. Relativity hasn't changed the status of their shooting schedule at this time. It's still slated to be up and running this fall. But that is expected to change very soon. An announcement about the project's fate is imminent. It may never happen, or it could move to another studio. We'll have to wait and see.

B. Alan Orange